Professional Dog Training

Most areas have a dog training school that takes puppies and more mature dogs alike and if you are in the early stages of obedience training then taking your puppy or dog to one of these schools is a very useful step. Not only do dog obedience training schools help teach your dog obedience skills but they also teach you how to teach them. As well as this, obedience schools are full of other dogs and other people and most of these people have been in the same position as you. This provides you and your puppy with an excellent opportunity to try out your social skills.

Even though you only really need to go for several lessons it is fine to continue going dog obedience school even if it is only to continue socializing your dog. In the long run, ensuring that your dog is socialized will prove vital. Without this they can become stressed, anxious and defensive in new situations with new people. Most aggression in dogs is only a form of defense and preventing this is essential.

Dog training schools will teach you the essentials of obedience training and if you have never owned a puppy before this can be quite an eye opener. From the day you bring your puppy home he or she is developing new habits and characteristics and if you are responding inappropriately to these actions then you could be teaching your puppy completely the wrong thing. You will both be taught the basics of rewarding and reprimanding your dog and you will normally learn to make your puppy sit, stay and other useful ‘tricks’. Even with just these simple tricks you should be able to teach your dog a lot.

Don’t forget that one of the most important aspects of obedience training is not the specific tricks but showing the dog that you are in control. Handing over control to you will remove a lot of stress from any dog and allow them to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. This is especially true of older dogs that have got into bad habits. It will take longer to train older dogs because they have become conditioned to act in certain ways, but most dogs will still be susceptible to useful and effective training. It is still very important that you continue the work yourself when you get home and don’t just rely on your one trip a week to the school.

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