Month: February 2021

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is the big, loveable lump of the canine fraternity. He is the friendly giant who wants to help out whenever he can. Of course, he is also much more than that as you will discover. Seeing a female saint Bernard with her young pups eclipses most sights in nature. Never will there be another dog quite like the Saint Bernard and his fame as a

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Your Puppy and Hygiene

Summary: Hygiene is essential to your puppy's physical and psychological well being. This article gives tips and tricks on how to keep your puppy clean and disease free. As with humans, hygiene is an important aspect of your puppy’s health. Grooming and cleaning is important for your puppy’s appearance and to keep him disease free. It also contributes to

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Puppy Stages

Unlike some animals, puppies are born not able to see or hear, and totally dependent on their mother for care and feeding. By the time they are old enough to find new home however, they are able to eat solid foods, and of course, see and hear. The change does not occur over night however. It takes six to seven weeks to accomplish this amazing change. When

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