Puppy House Training

Puppy house training is another step of dog training that should obviously be completed at as early an age as possible. It is not desirable to have a puppy that soils every room, but it isn’t difficult and shouldn’t take long to train any puppy. In fact, given the right circumstances and it will take little longer than a week.

Dogs are, by nature, clean animals. They do not like to soil themselves or the floor where they sit or lie down. If at all possible they will choose somewhere less intrusive than that, so it is just your job to let them know exactly where it is ok to use and where they shouldn’t. You have to accept that there will be accidents at first but if you can stick to a consistent routine then you have already won half the battle.

First you should decide exactly where you want your puppy to go. Whether you are willing to allow them to go anywhere in the yard or you have one specific area that you have designated as their spot this is fine. Just make sure you know where this area is. If you don’t know, how can your puppy?

If your puppy does go inside then you should remember that they don’t know they are doing wrong yet. For this reason your reprimand should be firm but not too harsh. A simple one word ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ will suffice but there is no reason to go over the top. Reprimand them and then clean the mess up with as little fuss as possible. On the other hand, when your puppy goes in the area you want them to you should heap praise on them. Let them know that they have done really well and pleased you. They will love the attention and eventually they will associate their action with your reward.

Ensure you have a schedule and remember that a puppy cannot hold it in for as long as a fully-grown dog. Your puppy will nap during the day and when they wake up they will invariably need to go out. For the first few days you will need to get up at least once during the night but in less than a week they should be able to manage the full night without having to pay a visit to the yard.

Stick to a schedule and puppy house training will be a lot easier. Without this structure combined with effective reward and reprimand your puppy will not know what they are supposed to be doing and what they shouldn’t be doing.

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