Attack Dog Training

are offered at many facilities worldwide. Depending on the specific attack dog training facility you chose, the training may include your dog being boarded at the facility for the entire duration of the attack dog training course. The following paragraphs will discuss some aspects of attack dog training including:

• objectives of attack dog training
• benefits of owning an attack dog
• qualities to look for in a potential attack dog

One of the main objectives of attack dog training is to develop courage in your dog, and to establish in the potential attack dog, a lifetime passion to protect. Attack dog training is a training program where the dogs are trained to attack on command, to protect their master, not because the dog himself is scared. After successfully completing an attack dog training course, it will do nothing other than please your dog to protect and attack upon command.

The benefits of owning an attack dog are great, but one of the bests benefits of attack dog training, and owning an attack dog, is the security you will have. Not only will you have a new family member, but this new family member will have the passion to protect his family, and attack on command. Sometimes attacking is not even necessary, as an effective attack dog can often deter intruders without an attack.

Finally, there are some qualities you should look for in a dog when you are considering putting the dog in an attack dog training course including:

• size
• health
• breed

The size of the dog you choose for attack dog training is important for one main reason. While a smaller dog may be able to warn you when an intruder is near, it is not likely the smaller dog will be able to take a man down on command. For this reason alone, it is best to choose a medium to large sized dog for attack dog training.

The health of the dog you select for attack dog training is as equally important. It is always a good idea to have the potential attack dog examined by a veterinarian. Hip x-rays may be done at this time, as well as a regular physical check-up of the dog.

While most medium to large breeds of dogs can be successful with the right attack dog training, some recommended breeds for attack dogs are:

• Chow
• Doberman
• German Sheppard

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