Dog Training Supply

Dog training is one of the very first things you should do with any new dog; whether it is a puppy or more mature. Consider if the puppy was still with its mother. It would be getting rewarded and reprimanded by its mother. You have taken on the role as the dog’s mother and so it is now your responsibility to take over this job as well. While many people choose to train their dog without any aids or equipment you may find it easier and if this equipment only consists of a crate and a clicker or a harness for walking then you will need to find a good dog training supply.

The Internet is absolutely jam packed with and is probably the best place to start looking. The Internet has a number of advantages. For a start you have much more access to stores around the world than you would in your hometown and this increased access means you can get better equipment at cheaper prices. It may sound too good to be true and you may believe that in exchange for this you will be expected to wait weeks for delivery. Again, some shopping around should ensure that you only have to wait a couple of days at the very most and in many cases the equipment you buy can be delivered the next day.

Dog training equipment can be as simple as a clicker. The clicker is used to help with positive reinforcement so every time your puppy or dog does something to be rewarded for then you click the clicker and give it a treat or plenty of affection. Alternatively, noisy chains are used to bang on the floor in front of the dog when misbehaving. The noise will instantly stop the dog in it’s tracks and you can show him what he should be doing and then praise him when he does it right.

The walk can be a stressful time for some dog owners but with a harness around your dog’s neck you will have much greater control over where he goes, how quickly he goes there and what he does. Walking your dog should be fun and good exercise for both of you but you will need to set the rules if it is to really be this way. With a harness it is very easy to do so.

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