Dog Training Equipment

When you first get a new dog it may seem a little overwhelming the amount of things you have to buy. You will have to buy food, a bed, bowls and toys to mention just a few and it is also a very sensible idea to get some dog training equipment. While it is possible to use ordinary items this may not be the case in some circumstances. For instance, it will certainly be necessary to get a case if you intend to crate train your dog and you may want to purchase a clicker or a noisy chain. If you are training a hunting dog then you will want more specific dog training equipment to help with the process of training.

A clicker is used to help with positive reinforcement. Every time you praise your dog you click the clicker and give him a treat and so he recognizes the noise to mean he has done well and is being rewarded. On the other hand a noisy chain is used to throw at the feet of your dog as negative reinforcement when he has done something wrong. The noise of the chain hitting the floor is irritating to the dog and will certainly get his attention. You should never use the chain to reprimand the dog directly and it should only be used to make the loud noise.

There are other more unusual training aids. You can get remote spray collars that work like ordinary collars but have a small water spray attached. When your dog misbehaves you can click the button and the water will spray into his face. This will invariably stop him in his tracks and after using this a couple of times it is very unlikely he will do the same thing again for fear of getting water sprayed in his face.

Walking big dogs can be a real challenge. Specialist collars can help. Harnesses give you much more control over a boisterous dog that usually has the run of you when out on walks and the choker chain works by tightening around the dog’s neck but quickly loosening again when the tension on the lead loosens. Electric collars give out a small electrical shock to your dog although this form of punishment is best for hunting dogs and teaching them not to approach certain harmful animals like snakes. This dog training equipment is all fairly inexpensive and will make your life a lot easier when first training your dog.

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