Dog Training Advice

There are several different stages to dog training and in some cases they are very specific stages that you will need to undertake because your dog has developed certain habits or characteristics. However, starting basic obedience training from an early age not only sets excellent foundations for future training but it is also very beneficial to the dog itself. While dogs are animals and will behave like animals if left unchecked they are also clean animals that like to please their owners.

Without good dog training, most dogs will develop unwanted traits that can become more difficult to correct when they reach a more mature age. As the saying goes ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ While this isn’t strictly true with some breeds it may be true of your best friend. Unwanted activities include excessive barking, soiling in the house, chewing and destroying furniture and digging up your freshly tended garden.

However, none of these traits are essential in any dog and by introducing fun but guided training you can help your dog channel these natural habits towards more acceptable behavior. The key to this is to make it fun for both you and your dog. A happy dog is an obedient dog and the training you give will be seen as a time to please you and have some fun in the process. In the same way as children learn well when they have fun, dogs quickly pick up the habits that are rewarded and avoid those that lead to vocal reprimand.

Obedience training will also help you show your dog that you are in charge. This is an essential step to owning a dog, because if they believe they are in charge then they will also believe that they can behave however they like, whenever they want. It isn’t necessary to teach them extreme submissive behavior but some simple submissive acts will quickly let them know that you are in charge.

Taking control away from your dog not only means that you can control their actions but it also helps your dog. A dog that believes they are in charge of your family will feel stressed and worried because they need to protect the family from harm and keep them safe. This is why some dogs become aggressive toward strangers; it is not true aggression it is usually protection. If they sense danger and they believe you need protecting that is exactly what they will do. As you can see, training your dog is a vital part of ownership.

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